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Reinventing the Battery for the 21st Century

Digital Battery have redefined the Battery Cell as a semiconductor. By doing so, we have transformed charging rates equivelent to charging a Tesla90 in under 4 minutes, removing heat and fire risk endemic in current battery technology and removing the degradation suffered by consumers. 

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Democratising the Energy Transition

Batteries currently fail to meet the economic, environmental and climate change needs of society; like the need to store and discharge safely, to avoid range anxiety in transportation and to avoid environmental and economic exploitation of weaker peoples and societies. Mass adoption of renewables is retarded by the inability to safely and economically store and distribute intermittent energies.

DigitalBattery have transformed an established chemistry by reimagining a battery as a computer chip, to deliver real usable power density equivalent of L-ion batteries at a social and economic price attractive to all consumers.

The DigitalBattery design means existing designs and installations can be retrofitted; for instance older electrical vehicles can benefit from renewal to the benefit of a broader socioeconomic segment of society.

DigitalBattery shall democratise the transition from carbon powered to renewables powered homes and transportation; currently, electric vehicles and home solar generation are for the those with disposable income and/or access to credit. As such, the innovation will drive inclusivity of electrification across the social/wealth spectrum.

Just imagine, safe and sustainable product that allows, for instance, a normal person to charge their car in minutes at the local service station. A life changed and yet not changed at all.

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Change Plus Change


The battery re-imagined as a semiconductor

Remember the mobile phone, Apple re-imagined the mobile with the iPhone. And in doing so changed the world. DigitalBattery re-imagines the battery.

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Chemistry that is safe and sustainable

The only true alternative, enabled by a game changing philosophy. A composition rediscovered, augmented and reinvented for the 21st Century, A truly digital battery

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A life lived longer

Unlike the existing battery technologies of L-Ion and Alkaline, the DigitalBattery has a usable life in excess of 20,000 cycles. Its something we can gurantee.

Client 1

A better quality of life

Cell degradation is an issue across all battery alternatives. At DigitalBattery, we have made this negligble. With a month on month unused cell degrading at sub 2%.

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Not so hot after all

The digital battery does not heat up in the same way as the others. This means charge and discharge rates are high and safety is assured. Imagine charging a Tesla in sub 4 minutes.

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Building a sustainable world

The source materials of the product are easily available and can be derived from recyclable materials.  It is at our core to relieve the negative impact of storage on weaker societies and economies.

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A simple way to work

A transformerless charging technology built on an ASIC that controls the profile of the battery to reflect the OEM design. This ensures that the DigitalBattery has universal appeal for new systems, existing OEM designs and retrofit to exiting products.

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It's good to talk

The DigitalBattery is IoT enabled. This allows the user and OEM to track performance, optimise performance and to carry out Non-Intrusive Load Management. 
Optimising performance in real-time.



The Company was founded to cure the storage conundrum; how do we have a safe solution to the storage needs of transportation, Grid management in an intermittant and distributed generation environment; and home consumption in a wireless world of tools and drones. 

Who are we? An ESG advocate and investor, a storage scientist, a production engineer, a commercial technologist and an aircraft engineer that built nuclear programmes. Together, we have set out to change the game. Something that makes tackling climate change a little bit easier. In a way that allows us, you and all people to live our lives normally. Even as everything changes.


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